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Outstanding Transcription Services

A.D.S. specializes in delivering accurate, timely and cogent transcripts anywhere in the world. Our team's wide range of expertise ensures that your project's subject matter is understood and handled by the best match on our staff.

With swift turnaround times (24/7), you get your completed transcript when you need it.

Audio & Video Transcription Services

A.D.S. works with the following media:

  • Audio tape
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Digital files (such as mp3, wav, DSS, etc.)
  • FTP
  • Digital files can be emailed as attachments

Word Processing

A.D.S. also provides word processing services, working from your text, to create an electronic file in whatever format you need—including shooting scripts.


A.D.S. has highly competitive fees. Call or email us for a quote on your project.


A.D.S. clients are experts in the fields of science & technology, academia, business, biotechnology, finance, medicine, film, advertising and the law. We create transcripts for

  • Conference Proceedings
  • Interviews
  • Technical Reports
  • Theses/Manuscripts
  • Focus Groups
  • Press Conferences
  • Films/TV/Commercials/Shooting scripts
  • Meetings

What To Do

Step 1. Call or email us
Together we'll review your project and provide you with a quote.

Step 2. Give us your materials
You can send them to us by email, courier, mail, overnight, or our secure FTP site.

Step 3. We deliver your transcripts
Using email or the post office/courier service, we deliver on time and in the format you need, whether an electronic file and/or printed hard copy/disk. You set the time frame — we deliver.

Payment Options

We accept checks, money orders, and all major credit cards.

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