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About A.D.S.

Located in Harvard Square since its inception in 1913, Alice Darling Secretarial Services has provided business support services to an ever-widening business and academic community. In 1992, Rosalie Prosser transformed the business to specialize in audio transcription. Rosalie's dedication to client satisfaction meant that A.D.S. provides the highest possible quality of transcriptions.

Michael Janelle & Sergio Madrid, proprietors since 2015, are committed to maintaining and improving upon the high standard Rosalie set in her 20+ years at the helm of A.D.S.

Because we specialize in converting sound into words, no projects are too large for us to complete in a timely fashion, or too small for us to handle. We deliver on time and within budget. And of course, we also pledge full confidentiality for your projects.

Accurate, Timely, and Cogent Transcripts

We make sure that your transcript is accurate, timely and cogent by matching our expertise to the needs of your project. With backgrounds in technology, science, politics, finance, medicine, and academia, our well-educated staff delivers work that accurately captures the meaning of your spoken words.

Client Satisfaction is Key

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, based on personalized service and mutual trust. We take pride in delivering exceptional transcripts on time and within budget. Tell us your timetable — and we'll bend over backwards to meet it.

Exceptional Expertise

We continually upgrade our equipment to use the newest technologies. We also recruit the most knowledgeable candidates available to ensure that our staff is proficient in a wide range of expertise.

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